A short introduction

I’m relatively new to blogging. I started late January but really got into it more recently. I will be putting links to previous entries I’ve already made on my original, main blog. I do hope you like them and expect some feedback. I have been years without writing and I must admit I’m way beyond the “rusted” point. Oh I must add my native toungue is french, so grammatical errors will occur. Hopefully not too many.

For my first entry I will refer you to “An image for Icaria”. I am very interested in history and skin care with a bit of makeup. This may sound weird I know but I do believe you’ll understand once I’ve made a few entries. In fact I will try, any chance I get, to mix beauty with historical notes. Now of course, along the way I may stray a bit but hey, it’s my blog!

I really do hope you like it.


Oh by the way, I haven’t figured out yet how to change my header so changes will be made. Well I have changed my header but it will be modified.

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